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In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Mercifull

An Introduction:

The Prophet (salla Allah aleih wa sallam) said: “that before the last day came, Islam will enter to every house, whether that house isbuilt out of mud or on the skin of animals” and we know for sure that is coming true, there is a problem with it though, what message is going into every home, is from the wrong people,with the wrong message, in the wrong way, about Islam and muslims, it is misrepresentation. So, what we have tried or trying to accomplish( bi ithn Allah) with Allah’s aid, and with your doaa’, and this changes, and we become the right people giving the right message in the right way, for the guidance of humanity, and this is why we’ve called it “Guide US TV” Ihdina Asserat Almostaqeem””

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